To all my fellow colorists,

The beauty industry has been very good to me. Over the years I have met and learned from the giants of our beauty business, and I have been fortunate to have worked with almost every great artist in the last 30 years.

So … it’s time for me to give back in the only way I know … pure hair color education.

In late January, in Las Vegas, I’m going to present 2 days of generic hair color education with no hype, no dancing girls, no booming music, and no-nonsense. Just 100% hair color education.

And, because I want to do more than just present; I am going to pay for everyone’s hotel accommodations and lunch on both days. I will also pay the gym fees, internet fees, and the Nevada sales tax for this event.

You will only pay the seminar tuition.

If you are interested or interested but undecided, please click the link below for updates related to this event.