Master Colorist Exam

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(2) Give 2 formulas that will result in chocolate brown color when applied to white hair.
(9) Why are Green eyes Green and Blue eyes Blue?
(12) True or False? Neutral is not a tone.*
(15) Give complete formulas to create the following on coarse white hair.
(20) How does a colorist create Red shades? (two answers required)
(21) What are the 2 functions of Hydrogen Peroxide? (two answers required)
(22) What happens when a colorist adds 15g Lightening Cream (with no persulfates) to 45g of Deposit-Only 4N formula?
Adding gold or neutral to a color formula _____________ the final vibrancy of the color.
4 answers required
(25) Give 2 different formulas to create 6NN from 6N including developer:
(29) Change this formula for better gray coverage without changing the tone. Give two different complete formulas.
45g 6N + 15g 6RO + 60g 20 Vol
(30) What is the approximate pH of each of the following?
two answers required
When the granule is dissolved, the melanin is _________________ and _________________.
make sure you answer WHY
(60) When working with resistant gray hair, give two ways to alter this formula for better gray coverage. 45g 5N + 15g 6g + 60g 20-volume

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