Sample Test Answers

  1. 60g of 25-volume developer
  2. 45g 4N + 15g 2RO or the original formula + Red Concentrate
  3. Lightest warm brown, 5N
  4. Dyes create the main color group and couplers create the tone
  5. They use different alkalizers AMP vs. MEA
  6. For each 10 degree rise in temperature (Celsius) the reaction time is cut in half
  7. There are 4 levels of light brown, translucent is 4a and opaque is 4d
  8. Soft ash, ash and smoky ash
  9. Warm – 60g 4G + 7g 4RO + 60g developer, Cool – 60g 4N + 7g 4RV + 60g developer
  10. The darker the brown eye, the more difficult to lighten the hair or
    The darker the brown eye, the larger the granule of color or
    The darker the brown eye, the brassier the hair looks when lightening